How to Protect the Delicate Skin around Your Eyes

yrjutkThe skin under and around your eyes is incredibly delicate, and this is usually the area where you may start spotting your first signs of ageing. Yes, we’re talking about dreaded wrinkles appearing at the corners of your eyes – and not disappearing when you stop smiling! In addition to wrinkles, you may notice dark under-eye circles that can be black, blue, pink or brown; as well as tired, droopy looking eyes.

Not exactly painting a pretty picture here, are we? Fortunately, there are some things that you could be doing in both your skincare and healthcare routines, as well as in your lifestyle, that are contributing to these problems – and these are things that you have the power to change.


Here is what you should not be doing to the delicate skin around your eyes, and what you can do to keep it strong, healthy and looking supple for a long time to come:

  • Get enough sleep. Because a lack of sleep dilates your blood vessels, these blood vessels will appear more prominent

Beauty And Health Applications of Rose Water

fjtkulkRose is a sacred flower and also symbol of beauty and love. It have many beautiful colors like red pink, yellow and pure white. Rose water is among the most common products that is received by squeezing fresh rose petals and it is used in many purposes like medicine, cosm etics and cooking . Rose water has very pleasant taste and fragrance so the top quality rose water was extremely valued in Ancient Persia and Egypt. It was a key beauty product used by Cleopatra to enhace her attraction and it also has soothing and healing properties.

For Health:

Drinking of rose water is very useful because it has anti-antoxidents, tannins and it is rich in vatamins including A, C, D, E and B3. You can make simple tasty drink at home by mixing it in cold creamy milk. This drink will relieve you from nervous tention and cure for headache, throat symptoms, nausea and acidity.

For Best Skin Toner:

Rose water is useful for the skin toning and is used in variety of creams, lotions, toners and face masks. It can be use for

Herbal Baths For Health And Beauty

uyli;Herbal baths not only smell good, but also perform the important function of soothing and hydrating the skin, leaving it looking and feeling younger. Not to mention the broad range of health benefits.

Some herbs act as diaphoretics, opening up the pores to allow perspiration and waste matter to escape; others act as astringents, tightening poor old tired pores.

Herbs are used in baths to help one sleep, as aphrodisiacs, in weight loss, to relieve itchy skin, relax a tense back – just about anything you want them to do.

The skins surface is covered with hundreds of pores that function as passages for accumulated waste matter to escape from the body. If the pores are encrusted with dirt or oil, the waste matter can not escape and the body loses one of its main excretory surfaces and begins to suffocate on its own poisons.

Your skin breathes for you. It also has a healthful effect on circulation and metabolism. It is beneficial that one learns and practices the gentle art of bathing.

Methods Of An Herbal Bath – Hot baths are enervating. Warm

New Pills for Breast Enhancement

I used to stuff my bra with tissue paper in order to make it appear like I had larger breasts than I actually did. When I was young, my small breasts did not even come close to filling a c up bra, but I did not want to admit that I had never developed boobs even of such a modest size. So I decided I would lie about it, and that kind of backfired. Since then I have wanted larger breasts and I hope Miracle Bust will be the solution to my desires and that it will give me something that I have so often dreamed about.

Inherently, I don’t think there is much of a purpose in having large breasts. Read more

Mass and Strength Gaining Solution of the Era

This is the supplement to help in fast mass gaining. This is the wonder solution to help you gain in muscles. This is also the apt medicine for the reason of bulking cycle. The same can help in matters of increasing nitrogen retention and this is surely going to aid in the process of rapid increase in strength. Now you have better stamina to perform in life and you can develop the passion for intense workouts. There is no doubt regarding the legality of the medicine. It is the right solution to make you stand in time. You can that extra strength once you start consuming the medicine.

Medicinal Physique in Possession

With uses of Injectable dianabol you are sure to have that muscular physique. This is the right solution to help you achieve your goals in time. However, before the usage of the same it is apt that you collect all the data regarding the same. You can call this the effective bulking agent and you would prefer to experience the mildness of the solution. The medicine proves to be highly effective and the result of the same is all the more safe. This is

Tips For Relieving Holiday Stress

Too much to do and not enough time to accomplish everything? This is a recurring theme over the holidays. Not too many generations ago, parents would hand their kids the Sears catalog, throw tinsel on the tree, and attend a school play. Today, the expectations have placed a huge burden on our time, resources, and most importantly, stress levels. Follow these tips and suggestions for bringing joy and true meaning back to your holiday celebrations.

  1. Decide, together with your family, what’s truly important for each of you over the holidays. This goes beyond just what gifts to exchange. Community services, visiting relatives, escaping to an island or spending a Saturday baking are all possibilities. We know that we can’t do them all. Realize that not every request and wish can be fulfilled. Know that you’re making memories with your family and the quality and value of activities over the holidays will not only establish traditions, but will be remembered for years to come.
  1. Don’t try to spread yourself too thin. If getting together with friends and reconnecting with old college buddies over the phone normally happens over the holidays, consider shifting these to the much quieter month of January. Think of

Sugars in Western diets increase risk for breast cancer tumors and metastasis

The high amounts of dietary sugar in the typical Western diet may increase the risk of breast cancer and metastasis to the lungs, according to a study at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

The findings, published in the Jan. 1, 2016 online issue of Cancer Research, demonstrated dietary sugar’s effect on an enzymatic signaling pathway known as 12-LOX (12-lipoxygenase).

“We found that sucrose intake in mice comparable to levels of Western diets led to increased tumor growth and metastasis, when compared to a non-sugar starch diet,” said Peiying Yang, Ph.D., assistant professor of Palliative, Rehabilitation, and Integrative Medicine. “This was due, in part, to increased expression of 12-LOX and a related fatty acid called 12-HETE.”

Previous epidemiological studies have shown that dietary sugar intake has an impact on breast cancer development, with inflammation thought to play a role.

“The current study investigated the impact of dietary sugar on mammary gland tumor development in multiple mouse models, along with mechanisms that may be involved,” said co-author Lorenzo Cohen, Ph.D., professor of Palliative, Rehabilitation, and Integrative Medicine. “We determined that it was specifically fructose, in table sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, ubiquitous within our food system, which was responsible for

Vitamin D levels linked to weight-loss surgery outcomes

Low levels of vitamin D have long been identified as an unwanted hallmark of weight loss surgery, but now findings of a new Johns Hopkins study of more than 930,000 patient records add to evidence that seasonal sun exposure — a key factor in the body’s natural ability to make the “sunshine vitamin” — plays a substantial role in how well people do after such operations.

Results of the study, published online Dec. 14 in the journal Obesity Science & Practice, reveal interplay among vitamin D status, seasons, geography and surgery outcomes, according to Leigh Peterson, Ph.D., M.H.S., a nutritionist and postdoctoral research fellow at the Johns Hopkins Center for Bariatric Surgery, who led the research.

Specifically, the researchers found that patients undergoing bariatric surgery in the United States during winter — January to March, the time of lowest vitamin D levels — fared worse than patients who had procedures in the summer. Similarly, patients having surgery in the north seemed to have more complications than those in the south.

“Sun exposure is critical in the synthesis of vitamin D, so the notion that people living in less sunny northern states may suffer from vitamin D deficiency is not surprising,” says Peterson. “What

Does taking an aspirin daily affect your skin

Daily aspirin therapy can be beneficial for certain types of people. Because of its anti-clotting properties, a daily aspirin is believed to help prevent stroke and heart attacks while reducing the risk for heart disease [source: Mayo Clinic]. As with any medicine, however, it can have side effects. One you might not have thought about is how it affects your skin.

One of the most common skin-related side effects of extended aspirin use is bruising. Bruises are caused when capillaries are damaged and allow blood to leak visibly underneath the skin. Because aspirin is a blood thinner, it can keep the blood vessels from healing as quickly as they normally would [source: Mayo Clinic]. This effect should not affect you much and might not necessarily be a reason for you to stop your aspirin treatment.

However, sometimes taking aspirin in combination with other chemicals can be connected to more severe skin reactions, such as cold, clammy, red, swollen or blistered skin [source: Drugs]. If this happens, or if the bruises or discolorations become severe, consult your doctor immediately. These can signal more dangerous reactions that require immediate treatment.

One potentially positive effect, some researchers say, might be the ability to fight skin cancer.

Beauty At Home How To Take Advantage Of Doorstep Beauty Services Today

Time has come when we don’t wait at any parlour lounge to get the required beauty treatments. With our life getting busier and busier, we are hardly left with time or energy to visit different salons and beauty specialists to get treatments for our skin and hair. Today’s the time for doorstep beauty services.

Be it a spa, or skin care facials, waxing, haircut or any other service, these days we all prefer to have beauty specialists for these various services at our very own doorstep. Apart from a few laser treatments that involve some machineries, that are not portable enough, some special salons provide you with doorstep beauty services giving relief from a lot of issues. You must want to know how to take advantage of these doorstep beauty services? So here you go…

Go Online For You Beauty Specialists:

The way you go online for the latest fashion trends for your wardrobe, you now can also go online for your treatments as well. What can be more appealing to you than the doorstep beauty services in your busiest days when you can’t afford to waste time in visiting and waiting for your turn at your neighbouring parlour or salon which remains

The Organic Beauty Store is The Store For Progressive People Who Are Cautious And Curious For Health

The word organic itself claims a chemical free product. When organic attached with beauty, it is the synonym of healthy and skin friendly beauty care. That is the reason why natural beauty products and its market have gone viral from the fringe and now getting a shape of an organized industry. The consumer awareness and constantly increasing number of market players in the organic industry making this huge and significant around the globe.

Organic Beauty stores play a significant role in the popularity of organic items. It is a known fact that natural beauty products are more effective and eco-friendly. These stores help such products to get the wider acceptance through their innovative methods and vigorous advertisement. These products are now beyond any trend and have become a revolution against hazardous chemicals and pollutants.

Organic Beauty Store: the curator of green revolution


Every revolution needs a podium to begin with. Organic beauty store provides the platform where the manufacturers of organic beauty products can sell, promote, deliver and share their products. In fact, the stores are the medium to generate awareness towards the green

How Body Contouring Can Alter Your Appearance

If you were obese and lost a lot of weight through a medical procedure or even in a natural way, you know that your excess saggy skin can be major baggage in the way that you look. Body contouring in Sacramento can get rid of that droopy skin for good, while ensuring that your appearance looks nice and natural.

Boost Your Confidence

Now that your weight has severely dropped because of weight-loss surgery, you might still feel self-conscious because of all of the leftover skin is hanging around. Most of the skin has nowhere to go and it will probably look odd when you are not clothed to cover it all up and it will droop and sag in certain areas of your body. It may feel uncomfortable at first. One of the best things you can do to get rid of this excess skin and to boost your self-confidence is to undergo body contouring. This is the process that will re-shape your body, tighten saggy areas, and get rid of loose skin that is hanging around. If you decide to keep the excess skin and not do anything about it, your happiness may decrease in

How to Take Proper Care of Skin and Hair

Skin and Hair are the two major body-segments which forms a protective covering over the body. Skin along with performing internal functions also contributes in body beautification. If it is healthy the looks will be attractive while if it has white patches, dark spots, acne scars, pimples, marks then it will give a ugly look. Hair also plays a vital role in providing a pleasing look. Long tail, shiny hairs helps a lot in signifying one’s appearance. There are various defects that can be caused to both of these segments. Shedding light on some of their major defects and the products used to get rid of them.
Skin Care Products for Resolving Skin Defects
Skin is the largest organ of the body requires special attention in order to stay fresh and glowing. If not taken care properly the cells gets damaged causing various disorders. The defects of skin that are caused due to ignorance are as follows:
Skin Aging – It is caused due to smoking, drinking, tobacco consuption, UV rays and pollution. Due to this disorder skin becomes loose with the formation of wrinkles. Ethicare products and treatments can be

5 Reasons To Choose Salon At Home

Gone are the days when you had to amble your way to a salon or parlour to satisfy your vanity. Today whether you want to get your nails done, need a haircut, make up or want a rejuvenating spa experience the salon comes right to your doorstep!


So wherever you are or whenever you want, one call or tap of a button is all it takes to get the home salon service. Here are top 5 reasons why you should opt for salon at doorstep service today:

  • Time: Today no matter what we do, we are always crunched for time; there is always somewhere that we have to be or something that we have to do. With work, chores and responsibilities finding time for ourselves is the biggest task of all. Fortunately, with home salon service we can get the royal treatment at our convenience.
  • Comfort: We’ve all had those moments where we were shy to change in front of people or were sceptical of the sheets on the massage table or about using the shower after a nice long massage. These moments sort of take

Top 3 Beauty Secrets Learn Some Great Beauty Secrets

There are many beauty secrets that people talk about on line, in print and in person. Some work and some don’t. I will touch on 3 of these beauty secrets, and then at the end touch on something that makes a lot of sense to me.

One beauty secret that I recently read about was to add red wine to bath water to smooth your skin. Does it work? It may because of the tartaric acid, that is a form of alpha hydroxyl that can exfoliate. The problem? I believe it would take a few bottles of wine in your bath water to notice any difference. Why not save your wine to share with friends?

Another thing I recently heard about was probably the most odd beauty secret. That was a celebrity took supplements from her own placenta which she felt helped her bounce back from pregnancy more quickly. For the research I’ve done, it seems that there is no scientifically demonstrated benefits of ingesting your placenta for humans. Even though non – human mammals ingest their placenta, there has never been evidence of humans doing this amongst any culture and any time frame. Seems to

How to Get Rid of Age Spots on The Skin

Would you want to see your Age spots fade away?

As we get older there many changes facing us, according to skin nature, collagen production begins to decrease and skin gets thinner.

Age spots are also called liver spots and solar lentigines. Though the areas exposed to the sun are the main cause of developing age spots. They are visisble as brown or black spots. Varying in size usually appears as large freckles in shape.

Where we expect these spots to develop?

In most cases, they appear on the face, hands ” Usually back of the hand, shoulders and arms. People may develop these spots in younger age due to increased exposure to UV radiation.

Age spots have the same texture as the rest of your skin. Normally isn’t harmful, however, it looks cancerous. You aren’t supposed to be scared from such a look though.


Do you want to get Rid of your age spots?

The only thing that you need is: a cosmetic treatment in the form of a cream. To avoid the hard and costly techniques like cryosurgery,

Beauty Routines That Make You Feel Beautiful

Every woman delights in feeling beautiful, and although many of our grooming habits are there to keep us looking ‘presentable,’ there are also ways in which to create beauty routines that not only make us feel ‘decent-looking,’ but gorgeous too. And every woman deserves to feel beautiful, irrespective of height, age, weight and size!

Here are some of the top beauty routines that will make you feel beautiful. You’ll be surprised to see how simple they are – and, simple as they may be, they pack a powerful beauty-boosting punch.


In the busyness of daily life, it is easy to forgo moisturising. Sure, you may moisturise your face dutifully every night, but have you ever noticed dry skin on other parts of your body? Maintain an all-over healthy glow and gorgeous, radiant skin by putting on body lotion religiously after every bath or shower.

In addition to this, ensure that any face, hand or body lotions you use are suited to your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, you should steer clear of harsh chemicals that are found in lotions. Should you have oily skin, do not use lotion that is intended

Beauty Tips To Help You Update Your Look

Your beauty routine doesn’t have to be a chore. By tailoring a beauty routine to fit your needs, you can have a very pleasant and enjoyable beauty experience. These tips will give you information about proper beauty techniques.


You load your feet up with the Vaseline at bedtime, cover with socks, and leave on overnight. You will awake to softer feet the next day.

If you are relatively inexperienced with cosmetic trends and application techniques, you should consult online discussion boards or popular beauty blogs. Visit message boards and blogs for advice on which cosmetics work and which ones don’t.

Drink more fruit juice to have more beautiful skin. Fruits and vegetables as we all know are good for are overall health, but did you know they are also good for your skin? If you find it difficult to consumer enough fruits and vegetables, fruit juice is a good way to sneak a few more in. Dump the Pepsi and replace it with juice to make your skin look great.

Eating well can help someone to keep a beautiful look to their skin.

Here Are A Few Beauty Tips Everyone Should Try

Buying the right products and understanding what you should do to improve your beauty can be a little confusing. There are many different beauty products out there to choose ranging from lotions to makeup, in order to buy the right kind you need to understand which products are right for you. These tips will help you choose the products that work best for your situation.


Never skip exfoliation when it comes to facial care. Exfoliate your dry or sensitive skin one, two or even three times weekly; less than that will cause you to lose the chance to expose flourishing skin under your top layer of skin. This will give your face a fresh, radiant glow and will prevent your pores from becoming blocked by oils and dead skin cells.

Men and women often affect their appearance adversely by neglecting a simple grooming task. Care for your eyebrows and make sure you have two. Well-groomed eyebrows are much more attractive than bushy, overgrown ones, which makes trimming them ultra important.

Apply Vaseline to your feet before you go to bed at night. This will

The Secret of a Womens Inner And Outer Beauty

Every generation thinks that women and beauty go together everlastingly.


Creams, cosmetics, hairstyles, fashions and clothes are all used endlessly by women to add to their beauty. There is no bound to what women will do including pampering themselves with cosmetics and treatment to make themselves look more beautiful.

Few women think about the internal part of their beauty and concentrate only on their outward condition. The inner beauty of a woman is the result of a good life-style and her own personality. It is a surprise that the inner base of beauty is missing in many women.

Occasionally you meet a woman who seems beautiful but on talking to her it is apparent that the appearance of beauty is only on the exterior. A woman’s inner lack of beauty is all so evident when she starts talking. At times this can be very disappointing. What is initially seen on the outside as attractive is in direct battle with the inner unattractiveness.

Perhaps nevertheless you may have met a woman who seems attractive but average on the outside, but a soon as she